Genplus Solar Shade fabric has been manufactured by our skilled employees since 1990. Genplus is known world wide for innovative net engineering, exceptional customer service and consistent quality.
Manufacturing origin : S.Korea (Genplus Corp. factory)
Raw Materials & Construction Method : HDPE(High Density Polyethylene) & Warp Knitted
Fabric Yarn : Monofilament, Tapefilament, Mono+Tapefilament
Maximum Wldth : 8mtr(26')
Color & Length : Depending on Customer's request.
Usage : Agricultural, overhead shade on Patio, Truck Cover, Wind shield for Tennis
--Court, Crop Protection, Fencing at construction sites etc.
Advantages of shade cloth :
  - Protects from harmful UV exposure.
- Extremely durable HDPE compound.
- Reduce damage caused by hail, wind, birds, insects.
- Temperature control
Price, Delivery & Other Information : Please Contact us