Genplus Cooltra Shade is one of the most advanced and reliable shade cloth with 25years of production know-how for shade structures and places which need cool shade.

Genplus Corp. has been manufacturing Knitted shade cloth for more than 25years and providing our excellent product for harsh areas like Australia/New Zealand, middle east Asia as well as US. While maintaining our good reputation.

It is made by 100% High Density Polyethylene warp Knitted shade fabrics with 10 years UV Stabilized warranty even in extreme harsh weather condition.


  Cooltra Shade prevents you and your family from harmful UV rays, cause many skin
problem effectively offering around 90% shade factor.
Its tough and excellent durability offers less maintenance cost and more satisfaction.
Furthermore, through our pre heating treatment, there are no worries, when you
customize either in the handling of fabrics or shrinkage after installation.
Light weight and strong durability of mesh shade fabrics have more advantage to
breathe in circulation which makes more cooler shade and air than any other similar tarp.
With long experience and excellent production know-how,Cooltra Shade cannot
mildew and has strong resistance against chemicals.
It can be used almost any place where cool shade is needed, such as children's
play grounds, sports installations, Car parking lots, picnic areas, patios etc.
Also various ranges of vivid colors offer more choices to meet your personal
preferences and environmental circumstances.
Your smart choice of Cooltra Shade guarantees your maximum satisfaction for your
good outdoor life.

Coolra shade by Genplus offers

COST-friendly fabric than any other shade material.

UV BLOCK/UV 10 YEAR Warranty*

Heat set TO increase stability and consistency.

Various vivid COLORS.

Hight Strength by lock STITCH Knitted Mono+Tapefilament yarn.

Special stentoring set to IMPROVE stability and consistency.

Mold and mildew trouble-free,FARBIC-SHADE


Property data
2)Tensile Strength (AS 2001.2.3.2:2001 Grab Method)
3)Tearing Strength (AS 2001.2.10.C.R.E,Wing rip Tear Method)
4)Bursting Strength (AS 2001.2.4,Ball Bursting Method)
5)Elongation (AS 2001.2.3.2:2001 Grab Method)
6)Shade Factor
7)UV Block
8)FR Treament (NFPA 701 Test 2 Large Scale Testing)

warp 1100N/Weft 1600N
warp 195.2N/Weft 247.1N
warp 93.5%/Weft 50.4%
  Product Specifications
  1) Materials : High Density Polyethylene, UV Stabilized.
2) Pattern : Knitted Lock Stitch combining of Mono + Tapefilament.
3) Heat set Treated.
4) Standard Roll Size : 3.0mtr x 50mtr(9'10" x 164')
5) Colors
  Color choice